About Me


Madalena Pinto currently lives in Porto, Portugal with her husband Anake. Her daughter Sara, a solicitor and son-in-law Eddie, an Open Source Web Application Developer, live in the United Kingdom. During her free time, Madalena enjoys reading, travelling, knitting and cross-stitch as well as going to the cinema (and eating chocolateā€¦) Her career has taken her to various places, including researching for her PhD in Brazil and collaborations with universities namely in Switzerland, Thailand and Brazil.

During the early stages of the academic life, Madalena worked primarily with isolation of medicinal agents from plants. Currently, besides natural products from vegetal and marine origin, she is focusing on the creation of new synthetic compounds, especially of the xanthone and flavone families. Research, however, is not solely focused on simply getting new compounds, but also on improving synthetic methodologies through microwave system and using solid catalysis.

The purpose of the research is to develop, predominantly an interdisciplinary group comprising of the following areas, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Computer-aided Design, X-Ray Crystallography and Drug Delivery Systems. Such work is being conducted in the academic environment in the field of Medicinal Chemistry in Laboratory of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Faculty of Pharmacy and at Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR).

Her current research interests include synthesis and molecular modification of compounds with pharmacological activity (xanthone/flavonoid/polyphenol scaffolds): computational studies, synthesis and investigation of multi active ligands with cell growth inhibitory effects, P-gp, caspases and p53/MDM2 modulation, as well as new Ā anticoagulant agents. Additionally she is also working on molecular recognition-artificial receptors with application on HPLC as new chiral stationary phases.


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